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As a production department generally engaged in auto radiators, the company’s radiator and condenser workshop was put into production in 2006. An investment of 80 million yuan RMB has been put into the workshop for construction, furnishing and mould tool development. Covering an area over 20 thousand square meters, the workshop has established a complete production line consists of fin type molding, core assembly, NB constant brazing, water chamber press, product inspection, drying and packing procedures of aluminumcopperradiator production. Capable for multi-type large∕ small scale and same line production, the workshop can process near 3,000kinds of products.


With high-tech and excellent equipments, the workshop is capable to undertake production and manufacture of indicated aluminumcopperradiators of various automobiles and construction machinery with an annual output of 600 thousand, that is estimated to exceed 1 million in future. Kunjiang is striving to grow into an OEM heat exchanger manufacture from a post market enterprise.

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